Unlocking the Power of Tarot Card Readings for Yourself: A Unique System for Clarity and Guidance

Have you ever wished you could tap into the wisdom of tarot for yourself but felt unsure how to start? Maybe you’ve heard the standard concern: “I’m too emotionally invested in my life to get an accurate reading.” I get it as a tarot teacher and consultant with over thirty years of experience! The answers we seek often lie just beyond our field of vision.

I’ve developed a unique tarot system to bring the cards’ wisdom into your daily life. 

This method allows you to clear emotional waters and pinpoint the actions you can take to chart your best course.

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Why Self-Readings are So Powerful (and Often Tricky)

The Tarot is a mirror. Its archetypal images reflect our inner worlds, the situations unfolding around us, and the potential energies we can tap into. While reading for another person offers a degree of objectivity, turning the cards for ourselves can feel muddled. Luckily, a structured approach can make all the difference.

The "Pairs" Method: Breaking Down the Reading

The system I teach–and use myself daily–focuses on pairing cards from the Major and Minor Arcana decks. Here’s how it works:

  1. Separate and Shuffle: Divide your tarot deck into two piles: Major Arcana (the 22 numbered cards ) and Minor Arcana (the remaining 56 cards).
  2.  Shuffle each pile thoroughly.
  3. Draw a Pair: Pull the top card from each pile. Place them side-by-side.
  4. “The Major Arcana card establishes the primary theme.” It tells you about the life area or energy currently demanding your focus. Consider its traditional meaning and the personal resonance it holds for you.
  5. Minor Influence: The Minor Arcana card reveals the effects, specifics, and potential actions. Pay attention to its suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles), as each suit represents a different realm:
  • Swords: Thoughts, communication, challenge
  • Cups: Emotions, relationships, intuition
  • Wands: Inspiration, action, creativity
  • Pentacles: Material matters, work, resources
  1. Fusing the Guidance: Let’s use the example of The Fool (Major) and the King of Cups (Minor). The Fool signifies new beginnings, a leap of faith, while the King of Cups embodies a profoundly empathetic and emotionally intuitive individual.
  1. This pairing might suggest:
    A new relationship is on the horizon (The Fool)
  • This person will be emotionally open and supportive (King of Cups)

Decoding a Few More Examples

Let’s imagine a few more combinations to see how this system unfolds:

  • Example 1: The Tower (Major) + Ace of Swords (Minor): A significant and possibly disruptive change is coming (The Tower). This change will require clear, decisive thinking and communication (Ace of Swords).
  • Example 2: The Empress (Major) + Seven of Pentacles (Minor): An opportunity to nurture something (a project, a relationship, even yourself) is here (The Empress), but patience and steady effort will be required (Seven of Pentacles).
  • Example 3: Exploring Work-Related Anxieties
    • Question: “What is ahead for me regarding work in the next few months?”
    • Pair: The Fool (Major), Nine of Swords (Minor)
    • Potential Interpretation: This pairing indicates the possibility of a new direction in your career. However, it may come with significant anxiety and fear.
    • Guidance: This reading highlights the importance of addressing the root cause of your work-related worries and developing healthy coping mechanisms.
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Tips for Success

  • Journal: Record your card pairs and insights in a dedicated tarot journal.
  • Trust Yourself: Your intuition is your greatest ally. Let the card symbolism speak to you.
  • Consistency Pays Off: Daily practice builds confidence and deepens your connection to the cards.

Want to Explore Further?

If you find this pairing system helpful, I’d invite you to my YouTube channel, “Tarot with AnneMarie.” I offer in-depth tutorials and examples. By subscribing, you’ll gain access to regular content designed to enhance your tarot skills.   https://www.youtube.com/@TarotwithAnneMarie

Take Your Tarot Journey to the Next Level

I offer exclusive courses on my website if you want to dive even deeper. I hope this method empowers you on your tarot journey!   https://tarotwithannemarie.com/courses/

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