Unravelling the Biggest Myths Around Taking Your First Steps in Tarot

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For those new to Tarot, taking your first steps can be intimidating. With so many contradicting opinions and myths about the practice, it can be challenging to find out what is real and what is not.
This blog post will unravel the biggest myths and misconceptions about Tarot to help you start your journey.
We will explore what Tarot is, the truths and myths about Tarot readings and the steps you can take to ensure your readings are comfortable.

Are you looking to improve your Tarot reading skills? To become a more experienced and confident reader of the mysteries of Tarot, here are some tips and tricks for evolving further as a tarot reader.

First, remember that practice makes perfect.Aside from studying books written by those who have gone before us on the path of exploring this ancient art form, it is imperative to practice with different decks. With each deck, try various techniques until you get comfortable enough to interpret cards intuitively and accurately.
Persistently apply these principles in readings,whether one-to-one or group reads – the more often you do this, the easier it will be to gain insights into symbols through their meanings!This way, you can progress further as a Tarot reader over time.


The Second tip is to Acknowledge what already works for you!

Likely, certain elements resonate better with use than others when we hone our craft – so if something is feeling especially suitable, pay attention to it – use those techniques EVEN MORE! Not everything needs changing all at once – focus on implementing minor tweaks regularly rather than overhauling everything suddenly – little ones add up too!
Also, please remember any patterns that emerge in readings that produce positive results for clients/participants AND yourself!
Go back there now and again even after mastering it (it might bring new insights!)

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Ground yourself before beginning each reading, including meditative practices that call upon energy and earth & connect the self and inner being.Vibrations from within invigorate the aura and help promote calmness and relaxation throughout the entire body-mind-spirit connection.
By using this approach, readers benefit by having increased access to higher levels of intuition required to advance in their journey, spiralling upwards towards divine wisdom and unknown knowledge whilst developing more vital clarity. Repeating these tasks helps increase layers of understanding, gain spiritual insight, and continue to deepen the relationship derived from the soul essence.  

Use affirmations regularly when working with people during readings – they help both sides feel connected intellectually and spiritually, allowing readers to express confidence while providing additional comfort and guidance for participants. Treat each session like a sacred space where everyone involved can just let go and trust in what ever messages come out naturally during the interpretation process, thus delivering the most accurate possible reflections each time you read the Tarot Cards.


Lastly, take breaks intermittently between sessions and cleanse yourself of any negative energies accumulated throughout the last few hours. A newly charged mindset will prepare you to dive into the next level – connecting to higher realms where insight is available. Have resources at your fingertips – disentangle yourself after a long day. Focus on strength by aiming to be replenished to your total capacity.You want to ensure the best customer service and keep them returning to wanting more advice.

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