Astro Twins, Pisces Edition: How My Identical Shih Tzus Have Distinctly Different Personalities

As a proud parent of two Shih Tzus, Jack and Jill, I’m often amused by how people assume they’re carbon copies of each other. Yes, they were born mere minutes apart on March 9, 2022, and share the same Pisces zodiac sign. But beneath their nearly identical fluffy exteriors lie two very distinct personalities.

Introducing the Pisces Pair: Jack & Jill

Jack is the more robust of the two, sporting soft, wavy hair and a heart full of affection. He’s my constant shadow, following me from room to room, always eager for a cuddle or a treat. On the other hand, Jill is petite with coarser, straighter hair. She’s more independent and enjoys spending time alone, whether napping in a quiet corner or playing “mom” to our older rescue dogs.

Zooming with Minnie vs. Mothering the Rescues

While Jack spends hours zooming around the yard with Minnie, our energetic Taurean rescue, Jill prefers the company of our senior dogs. She has an instinct for nurturing, often grooming and snuggling with the older pups as if they were her own.

Decoding the Pisces Paradox

At first glance, Jack and Jill’s differences might seem puzzling, especially since they share the same zodiac sign. However, a closer look at their birth charts reveals fascinating nuances that explain their unique personalities.

Jill's Independent Jupiter

On the other hand, Jill’s chart emphasises a strong Jupiter influence, the planet of expansion and adventure. This explains her independent spirit, love of exploring new things, and ability to adapt to different situations.

The Beauty of Individuality

While Jack and Jill may share the same zodiac sign, their birth charts paint a richer picture of their personalities. By understanding their unique astrological blueprints, I’ve tailored their care, activities, and interactions to suit their needs. It’s a testament to the power of pet astrology to unlock the secrets of our furry friends’ souls.

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