Conquering the Tarot Reader’s Imposter Syndrome: 11 Hurdles and How to Triumph


The journey of a Tarot reader is a path of self-discovery and empowerment. However, many aspiring readers stumble upon the dreaded imposter syndrome—the nagging feeling of not being good enough. This comprehensive guide addresses eleven major pain points faced by Tarot enthusiasts and offers practical strategies for overcoming them.

Pain Points and Solutions:

1.”What do I know compared to [insert famous Tarot reader]?”

Embrace your unique style and perspective. Every reader brings their insights to the table. Learn from others but focus on developing your voice.

2. “I’m not psychic, and I’ve met intimidating psychics.”

Tarot doesn’t require psychic abilities. It’s about intuition, symbolism, and connecting with the cards. Embrace your unique approach.

3.”You’re no expert, so why should I let you read for me?”

Expertise comes with experience and dedication. Continuous learning, practice, and seeking feedback will build your knowledge and confidence.

4. “I can’t even cope with reading for myself.”

Start with simple spreads and focus on objective interpretations. Journaling can help track your readings and insights.

5. “I like it, but I’m not good enough to call myself a reader.”

Practice and positive feedback build confidence. If you’re actively learning and practicing, don’t hesitate to call yourself a reader.

6. “Other psychics say you shouldn’t charge for your gift.”

Charging for your time and expertise is fair and ensures you’re valued for your work. Create a transparent pricing structure and explain your value.

7.”What if my client feels like they’re not getting their money’s worth?”

Emphasise that you’re charging for your experience, knowledge, and unique perspective, not just the minutes of the reading.

8.”Fear of Judgment:

Don’t let fear of judgment hold you back. Tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery; your passion can inspire others.

9. “Finding Your Niche:

Experiment with different Tarot decks and reading styles to find what resonates. Your unique approach will set you apart.

10. “Ethical Dilemmas:

Prioritise your client’s well-being and offer readings with compassion and integrity. Refer clients to other resources if needed.

11. “Marketing and Self-Promotion:

Create a website or social media presence to showcase your readings. To attract new clients, offer introductory discounts or free readings.

Bonus Tip:

Staying Inspired and Dealing with Scepticism: Take care of yourself, set boundaries, and connect with other readers for support. Be prepared to answer questions and address concerns from sceptics with respect and information.


Imposter syndrome is a common but surmountable obstacle. By addressing these pain points, building your confidence, and embracing your unique approach, you can overcome self-doubt and build a fulfilling career as a Tarot reader.

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