What is Tarot?

What is a Tarot reading?

A tarot reading can suggest perhaps some likely outcomes. It can show you what needs to happen to achieve that goal, then it’s up to you to choose, to take the steps as needed. Think of it as self-development. Tarot can be a snapshot of your life and the reading can help to take a counter look to the current situation and the reading can be key to the information of what you can do to create the desired outcome. It will assist you to make the changes that you want, based on current circumstances, giving you choices so you feel empowered.

What will you get in a Tarot reading?

I can see something happening or coming soon and will always tell you what I see. Sure, there are many possibilities, but often times one particular path is visibly clear and if you are headed straight for it, I will inform you! You CAN change the outcome; so if you don’t like what you hear, you should now have enough information to accurately formulate a plan to remedy the issue.

How readings work?

I use many different spreads, which vary depending on the question asked. Keep in mind, the cards are a tool. I use them to channel my own energy and abilities; also the vibrations on your voice help me connect with you.
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