The First easy way to improve your Tarot reading Skills is to know your cards.


An example is who is the father figure in the Tarot or who is the daddy?

Hands up to those who said the Emperor!

The Emperor is the father figure in the Tarot deck.

You would still be correct if you chose any of the Kings that is because they all have maturity.

 and experience of life so this could be an aspect of fatherhood.


What about who is the mother in the tarot deck?

Congratulations if you said the Empress, or any of the Queens again this is an aspect of an individual’s maturity.


Now you already know two more things about Tarot cards without trying to memorise the meanings.

whilst it is super useful to know the meanings of the cards making a simple connection with your deck will help you ‘get it’


What if somebody wants to look at the aspect of love?

There is The Lover’s card and all the Court cards

You can find out more about aspects of the Court cards and who they are in my course The Court Cards

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The Second easy way to improve your tarot reading skills is to have a method.

There are lots of spreads that really do help with this.

For example, The Past, Present, Future spreads.

Which works well for a quick reading. But what about if you want depth?

However, when somebody really wants to know more about such things as the obstacles, or the likely outcomes of a given situation.

whilst a Celtic cross can help you with this, when a client asks a Tarot reader “when will this person make contact with me” which they frequently do!

That question can sometimes send a reader into their intuition which is great if you feel guided, experienced, and skilled with such a question.

But what if it fills you with dread and feeling like you should be able to answer a question on timelines  but you don’t feel you can provide the correct answer.

There are a lot of different methods to provide the answer to timelines. things like it might be three days or three weeks, three months or even three years, whilst the Reader struggles to go intuitively with a card in the spread for the client.

Or you could take control of the reading, which is good thing and perhaps say  “I’m sorry I don’t have a timeline that I can give to you in my reading for you” They may come back at you and say, “can we reshuffled the cards and ask again?”

I often reshuffle the deck or grab another deck and shuffle for extra information.

It is  not because I don’t know the answer as a Tarot Reader, but because it has not appeared in the Position of the Tarot Spread to Give a timeline.

Let me explain a little

Using  just one method you can answer timelines.

For example, Cups represent Days.

Wands represent Weeks.

if it is Pentacles, then it represents Months.

But if it is Swords – Then No timing!

For example, if I get the suit of Swords in the position of timing, I cannot give a clear answer.

This is where I could offer to reshuffle!

However, there is  another way to answer timing by using the Major card in the position of the spread that I teach in my Signature Intermediate Tarot Course which is specifically for timing.

Perhaps if  I have The Fool which is linked to The Planet Uranus – That will not give me an answer to a timeline.

If I have The Star Card which is linked to the astrological House of Aquarius, then I have a Timeline that I can give with confidence-  which is Aquarius, Because the Star Card is linked to Aquarius, and the dates for Aquarius are 20 January to 18 February!

You Can find out more by enrolling into my video course where you can watch in your own time and keep going over the video

Lesson whilst you get to grips with how this works.

 Here is the link.


Choosing a spread is difficult.

I would suggest you try a few and see what you think.

I have developed one spread that answers all the questions that I have had asked by clients who have consulted me for a Tarot reading.

I have stuck with this Tarot Spread for the last 30 Years as it provides ALL the answers that a client has asked daily in my time as a professional Tarot reader. Which makes it super easy for me to dive into a Tarot reading with a client or for myself!

This method of Tarot reading using just one Spread provides 2 clear positions to answer timelines.

Position 11 and Position 12.

Which clearly answers the timeline in a Tarot Reading.

The Third easy way to improve your tarot reading skills is to divide your Tarot deck into 2 piles.

Using pile 1. The Major Arcana and pile 2. The Minor Arcana.

Once you have separated the 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards from the 56 Minor Arcana Tarot cards.

You are now ready to shuffle both decks –  give both decks individually to the client if they are present having a Tarot reading with you.

If they are not present and you are doing an absent Tarot reading, then you begin shuffling for that client.

If the reading is being conducted by phone or video, ask the client to tell you when to stop shuffling each of the 2 decks.

If you must do a reading where the client cannot influence the time for each of the 2 shuffles focus on their name or an object (I use a significator card for the client and a crystal and sometimes a chakra-coloured scarf)  you can use intuitively to tell you when to stop shuffling both decks on their behalf. 

Then use 1 Major and 1 Minor card as a pair and look at the meaning of both cards.

The Major card gives the information of what is happening.

The Minor card and its suit represent the background effects involved.

Let’s look at an example of getting The Lovers and The Ace of Swords.

The Lovers is a card of communication it is linked to the 3rd house in astrology.

The third house represents communication/letters/short distance travel/phone calls/interaction with equals.

The Ace of Swords is the suit of Air which is all about how the mind is working and associated with communication.

This card means New Beginnings in Thoughts or Communication.

As a pair You have 2 cards providing you with Communication

If someone asked the question “Will I hear from this person” in a Tarot Reading, getting a pair helps you answer.

In this case we have The Lovers and The Ace of Swords

The Lovers is the card of communication.

The Minor card answers Yes as in this Pair, It is the Suit of Swords, and our Minor Card is The Ace of Swords also about communication.

I hope you have fun with trying these tips out.

I have been teaching this method to Tarot Enthusiasts for years.

If you want to explore more check out my tarot Courses here https://tarotwithannemarie.com/courses/


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